Saturday, June 30, 2012

Expensive mistake

I remember telling myself not tobe crazy after the trip to Australia but obviously I never learn! Now I've done a very EXPENSIVE mistake and there is not turning back! Did some councalation and realised the amount its gonna set me back and I'm STUNNED!!! Im so dead. No wonder dad was angry...

The worst kind of disappointment is when u r disappointed with yourself.

I'm disappointed with myself now....


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Its been an interesting month so far...

Went to the doctor a fews month back,
was dignose with stress...
Thought 'what the hack, I'll get some rest',
and took two weeks off...

Went to Belfast then to Skye,
had lots of fun under the sun so bright,
but there was an itch in my eye,
That was felt since tues night.

Woke up with redness in the eye,
when to the doctor and she sigh:
"You got conjunctivities my dear boy,
Here's some eyedrops, bye."

Started the eyedrops and it started to clear,
it got better, the redness was gone and so was the swell.
But still the eye itched and filled with tears,
And I had to move on friday as well.

Waited till monday to see the doc,
She said she cant help me and refered me to a spec shop,
Had a scan from the eye doc,
and from the scan he gave me a shock.

'You've got a piece of metal in your eye'
'WHAT?! How did it got in there?' was my reply.
'Wind, dust who knows how it got there.
But a surgery in the hospital will get it out of there.'

When to the hospital with my appointment at 3,
name was called and eyes were checked.
A nurse came in, sat me down and looked at the chart,
'says you've got a metal stuck in your eye, lets check if its still there.'

'Yeap its still there but we'll get it out,
I'll numb your eye and pick it out.
But you'll need to not move your eyeball,
so that I'll wont permanantly give keep your lights out.

So I sat there with a numb eye,
and stared at a corner of a cupboard door,
a stick, a prod and some cotton bud daps later,
my eyes cleared up and all became better.

He showed my what the metal was,
just a small spec of a tiny dot.
less than 0.01 mm i think,
but it was enough to make me blink.

My eyes now better and alls well,
which means holidays are over as well.
now to get started on my desertation...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is it true?

Is it true?
Is it really such a thing as an ancestral curse?
My mum warned me but I didn't care but I'm feeling it right now...
She gets the jobs...
She gets the prizes...
She gets the networks...
But I have nothing...
No job...
No prize...
No network...
Am I destined to always gonna be second fiddle?
Do I really wanna live like this for the rest of my life?
Can I handle it? Can I REALLY take it?
or is this just my ego talking...